Thursday March 16  Dogtown or Bust!


Around 4pm

Several dedicated volunteer dog walkers came to the Calaveras County Shelter to give 4 lucky dogs; Kodo, Bodie, Daisy and Heidi some exercise and extra attention before the dogs  started off on their long trip.

A couple of hours later…

With the dogs thoroughly walked and good byes and well wishes said Trusty transporters Lee and Sandy W. took to the road with 4 lucky dogs from the Calaveras Animal shelter.  They headed to BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY in Kanaab, Utah.

They drove all night (with potty breaks of course!) and the dogs were absolute gems.  No accidents in the crates and no fussing.

When they arrived at Best Friends the dogs all jumped out of their crates, shook themselves off and greeted their new doggy friends with smiles.

Lee and Sandy had a bite to eat and grabbed a few winks before they went back to BEST FRIENDS for a tour of the facility.

Transporters Lee and Sandy said they would do it again!


Our heartfelt thanks to Lee & Sandy, the GREATEST volunteers a shelter could have, BEST FRIENDS and A/S staff for making this possible.


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