Courtesy Listings are pictures, bios and contact info for dogs and/or cats that need a new home but, are NOT at the county shelter.



is now available for adoption. Rusty came to us from the wonderful people at the Calaveras Humane Society and he is a young American Stafforshire Terrier.  Rusty is current on all his vaccines/heartworm prevention and he is neutered.  Once Rusty gets to know his people he is a very sweet and affectionate boy!  He has done well with his obedience training and has mastered all the basics.

Rusty has been sharing a kennel with our German Shepherd Molly and they get along famously!  Rusty lets Molly drag him around by his legs all day long.  He is a very tolerant boy!    It is unknown how Rusty would be with cats

Give Marge a call if you would like to meet this great dog (209) 223- 3194 or email Margaret @