Courtesy Listings are pictures, bios and contact info for dogs and/or cats that need a new home but, are NOT at the county shelter.



Twin Cedar K9 Second Chance dog Marlee is looking for his forever home. Marlee is about 9 months old and the Calaveras Humane Society have listed him as a Lab/Am Staff mix. Marlee is a very strong but playful boy that is learning all of his basic obedience and manners. We are stressing the learning part!! He knows what he is supposed to do but does not always follow through with his commands. Marlee gets along with all dogs and has been kenneled with male and female dogs. He even does well with larger play groups. Marlee loves to play in his swimming pools throughout the day. Because of Marlee’s extra exuberant personality he should not go to a home with young children. Marlee was given the AKC Canine Good Citizen test on May 21st and passed his test.  He was almost too friendly for the grooming portion of the test!!  If you would like to come out to meet Marlee please give Marge` a call at:209-223-3194 or

Marlee Sit